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Justina Rudez

Independent Associate


I have been a spa and hair-salon owner for over 30 years. During that time, I have dedicated my life to making people feel beautiful on the outside. I passionately enjoyed my work and achieved an immense amount of success; however, I felt that there’s always more I can do. Thus, I concentrated on another passion of mine by staying healthy through energetically exercising and using sensible nutrition.

Throughout those years, I came to realization that a reliable nutritional product is KEY!! Unfortunately, at first, I was not very well versed on the best way to select the highest quality of supplements.  Once I became more informed about the quality characteristics of nutritional supplements, I sought-after a product that I could truly trust and found one that made me begin to feel so much better.

Although I’ve experienced a tremendous amount of joy in life during my first career as a hair-stylist, I decided to refocus and align all my energy to helping people feel healthier and even more beautiful from the inside out!

Over the last decade, I’ve consistently dedicated all of my time and passion by fully immersing myself in the study of nutritional education. I have learned so much from so many avenues and personal experience that aspiringly help my family, friends, and anyone who wants to live happier, healthier, and enjoy the best quality of life!

My goals are to bring people the best products available through the use of proper nutrition!

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